A research project funded by the Research Council of Norway exploring social responsible crowdsourcing tools for environmental research and decision-making, in the areas of urban air quality and wood burning, urban stormwater management and blue-green infrastructure, and urban planning.

Recent posts

  • Meet our Postdoc!

    Since September last year we have had the pleasure to have postdoc Selamawit Molla Fossum as a full-time research fellow in the project.

  • The value of citizens’ feedback

    In April 2016 we ran a GIS-survey to collect information about citizens’ activities and their environmental perception. The aim was 1) to improve the understanding of emissions from wood burning for residential heating and basis for decision-making processes and 2) raise awareness of the environmental impact of wood burning and urban sustainability.

  • Making the invisible visible

    We have invited Sonja Grossberndt to tell us about hackAIR, a project that aims to raise people’s awareness about air quality, making the invisible air pollution visible. The hackAIR project provides citizens with tools for measuring air pollution and visualizing their data to establish a collective awareness platform for air pollution.

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