A research project funded by the Research Council of Norway exploring social responsible crowdsourcing tools for environmental research and decision-making, in the areas of urban air quality and wood burning, urban stormwater management and blue-green infrastructure, and urban planning.

Recent posts

  • What's next for Crowdsourcing?

    In July I had the pleasure of attending the expert workshop "What's next for Crowdsourcing?" at the Digital Humanities Conference 2016 in Krakow. Several topics relevant for all involved in crowdsourcing were covered in the full-day workshop.

  • RRI - The heart of iResponse

    Harald Throne-Holst at SIFO explains what RRI is, why it is important and how it is implemented in the iResponse project. "We need to interact with ‘the crowd’, to earn their trust, to handle and analyse their data in the best possible way, and to build a sustainable solution for the future, will it be imperative to implement socially robust technology development"

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