A research project funded by the Research Council of Norway exploring social responsible crowdsourcing tools for environmental research and decision-making, in the areas of urban air quality and wood burning, urban stormwater management and blue-green infrastructure, and urban planning.

Recent posts

  • Sensing the city for urban happiness is a group of global researchers and practitioners working on making city dwellers happy. Their research has focused on understanding how people psychologically experience cities using large quantities of online data in novel ways. 4th September Luca Maria Aiello will share their experiences at the final iResponse workshop.

  • Crowdsourcing in urban planning as cities go smart

    Urban planners in close companionship with the ICT sector get new opportunities to discuss the city as a flexible and responsive structure as cities go smart. Crowdsourcing has a role to play, but standards and guidelines for its application may be needed. Silje Klepsvik and Tone Megrunn Berge from Kaleidoscope tell us about crowdsourcing as part of urban planning.

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