A research project funded by the Research Council of Norway exploring social responsible crowdsourcing tools for environmental research and decision-making, in the areas of urban air quality and wood burning, urban stormwater management and blue-green infrastructure, and urban planning.

Recent posts

  • Privacy by design

    The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth with kjernejournal was the winner of the privacy by design competition 2017 in Norway. A solution many in the public and private sectors can look to as an example of privacy by design in practice, said the jury.

  • Human-centric design at the core

    As designers we can be more socially responsible by including marginalized users in our research, and try to be aware of their problems when designing services, products and solutions, says Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid at Hoi Oslo.

  • Move beyond silo thinking

    We need to overcome a silo thinking culture among data owners, producers and ICT managers to release the full potential of use of ICT for urban sustainability, says Rengifo Zenon Ortega Mora at NVE.

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