Final iResponse Workshop

Data is a crucial part of any environmental research field. At urban scale, it is needed for environmental modelling, understanding the various urban environmental processes and as basis for decision-making. Crowdsourcing as a method for data collection offers the opportunity to address some of the challenges associated with data availability as well as opens up e.g., urban planning process for larger participation. Crowdsourcing can be applied in various ways, at different phases of the research study, for different purposes or as part of a collaborative creative process. Even though crowdsourcing offer an opportunity for data acquisition, it also present challenges, such as data quality and representativeness. In addition, crowdsourcing methods may also bring social concerns, which can be overcome in the designing phase of the process.

Join this workshop to learn about the lessons learned and recommendations from the iResponse project. The workshop will support the understanding of the opportunities that crowdsourcing methods offer for data collection, and anticipate the challenges that you may encounter as part of your research.

The Final iResponse Workshop will take place on 4th September at Oslo Science Park

Draft Program - iResponse Final Workshop: HERE

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